HERO Activ Goalie Mask Sr

kr 1499

HERO ACTIV – very popular professional goalkeeper mask HERO ACTIV is in a completely new, dynamic design, which corresponds to the active concept of movement in the goal area. This mask is IFF certified.
The mask is made of extremely durable ABS plastic designed to meet the needs of the competitors and professional players. New anatomical PE-based bandage padding with adjustable chin protection.
The pan relies on a removable strip of absorbent material CoolMax, together with properly positioned air vents, provides excellent ventilation. The mask adapts perfectly to the shape of the head and face due to the design, the shape of the skeleton and the inner lining with tightening strips. A new type of protective grille made of high-quality steel protects the face and eyes and, together with the shape of the mask, provides a perfect view of the game. The elongated part protects the neck parts under the chin.